English – Medisch Centrum Molenweg – Amstelveen
Molenweg 12/12A 1182 CL Amstelveen


The Coronavirus / COVID-19

In order to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading we will limit physical contact at our clinic as much as possible. Do not visit the clinic before contacting us by phone. Our assistant will answer all your medical questions. If necessary, she will discuss them as always with the GP, following which we will contact you by phone or through our online services.

If you have symptoms of a cold or a fever stay at home, allow the illness to run its course and make sure that you do not infect others. You should keep your distance from other people. You do not need to call your GP if your symptoms are mild.

If your symptoms are worsening and/or you have difficulty breathing then call us. Get in touch immediately if you are experiencing serious problems (press 1).

For more information visit https://www.rivm.nl/en.  


for life threatening situations call 112. 

Welcome to Medisch Centrum Molenweg. Within our medical center you can find:

General practitioners   C.S. Aarts  tel. +31 20 641 2147
A.S. Eijtinger  tel. +31 20 643 1146
E. Gielen  tel. +31 20 641 2148
P. Umbgrove tel. +31 20 641 3518
M. Weijtlandt  tel. +31 20 641 5243
Physiotherapist / podologist       R. de Groot  tel. +31 20 445 5200
Pharmacy Molenweg K. van Deventer tel. +31 20 426 1170


Emergencies during evenings, nights and weekends

If you require the urgent help of a doctor during the evening, weekend or night, you may call the ‘After Hours Medical Clinic. Amstelland`After Hours Medical Clinic provides emergency medical care in the Amstelland region during the evening, night, weekend and national holidays.

For emergency complaints that cannot wait until the following day or after the weekend, please call: 020-4562000. Always call the After Hours Medical Clinic before visiting.

Take a form of identification

If you visit the After Hours Medical Clinic, you will need to take valid proof of identification. This may include: a passport, identity card, Dutch driving licence or Dutch residence permit. Please show this document when reporting at the desk. 

The After Hours Medical Clinic is closed during office hours. No doctors are present at the After Hours Medical Clinic during these hours. Please contact your own GP of his/her locum for medical questions on workdays between 8am and 5pm.